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Sunday August 18 Caledon Dressage*NEW

SaturdayAugust 17 Caledon Dressage*NEW

Friday August 16 Caledon Dressage*NEW

Sunday July 14 Caledon Dressage

Saturday July 13 Caledon Dressage

Friday July 12 Caledon Dressage

Sunday June 23 Caledon Dressage

Saturday June 22 Caledon Dressage


Sunday August 19 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday August 18 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday July 8 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday July 7 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday June 10 Caledon Dressage

Saturday June 09 Caledon Dressage


Sunday August 27 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday August 26 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday August 25 Cornerstone Dressage-

Sunday August 20 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday August 19 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday July 23 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday July 22 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday July 21 Cornerstone Dressage-

Sunday July 9 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday July 8 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday June 11 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday June 10 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday June 4 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday June 3 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday June 2 Cornerstone Dressage-


Sunday August 28 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday August 27 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday August 26 Cornerstone Dressage-

Sunday August 21 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday August 20 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday July 24 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday July 23 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday July 22 Cornerstone Dressage-

Sunday July 10 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday July 9 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday June 12 Caledon Dressage-

Saturday June 11 Caledon Dressage-

Sunday June 5 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday June 4 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday June 3 Cornerstone Dressage-


Sunday August 30 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday August 29 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday August 28 Cornerstone Dressage-

Sunday August 23 Caledon Dressage

Saturday August 22 Caledon Dressage

Sunday Aug 2 Welsh Pony and Cob

Sunday July 5 Caledon Dressage

Saturday July 4 Caledon Dressage

Saturday June 27 Twinholm

Sunday June 21 Twinhom Trillium

Saturday June 20 Twinholm Trillium

Friday June 19 Twinholm Trillium

Sunday June 14 Caledon Dressage

Saturday June 13 Caledon Dressage

Sunday June 7 Waymark Trillium

Saturday June 6 Waymark Trillium

Friday June 5 Waymark Trillium

Sunday May 24 Meadowlarke Trillium-

Saturday May 23 Meadowlarke Trillium-

Friday May 22 Meadowlarke Trillium-

Sunday May 10 Cornerstone Dressage-

Saturday May 9 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday May 8 Cornerstone Dressage-

Friday April 10 JD Jump--

Saturday April 4 JD Jump--

Friday April 3 JD Jump--

2014---pages prior to 2015 being reloaded

Sunday August 24 Caledon Dressage

Saturday August 23 Caledon Dressage

Sunday August 17 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday August 16 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday August 15 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday August 10 Vanbrooke Trillium

Saturday August 9 Vanbrooke Trillium

Friday August 8 Vanbrooke Trillium

Sunday July 27 Parish Ridge Trillium

Saturday July 26 Parish Ridge Trillium

Friday July 25 Parish Ridge Trillium

Sunday July 20 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday July 19 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday July 18 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 6 Caledon Dressage

Saturday July 5 Caledon Dressage

Sunday June 22 Twinholm Trillium

Saturday June 21 Twinholm Trillium

Friday June 20 Twinholm Trillium

Sunday June 8 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday June 7 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday June 6 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday June 1 Caledon Dressage

Saturday May 31 Caledon Dressage

Sunday May 11 Foxrun

Saturday May 10 Foxrun

Friday May 9 Foxrun

Sunday April 27 Hamilton Hunt

Saturday April 26 Hamilton Hunt

Friday April 25 Hamilton Hunt

Saturday April 19 Hamilton Hunt

Sunday April 13 JD Jump

Saturday April 12 JD Jump

Friday April 11 JD Jump

Sunday April 6 JD Jump

Saturday April 5 JD Jump


Saturday Aug 24 Caledon Dressage

Sunday August 18 Vanbrooke Trillium

Saturday August 17 Vanbrooke Trillium

Friday August 16 Vanbrooke Trillium

Sunday Aug 11 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday Aug 10 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday Aug 9 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 28 Parish Ridge Trillium

Saturday July 27 Parish Ridge Trillium

Friday July 26 Parish Ridge Trillium

Sunday July 21 Red RibbonTrillium

Friday July 19 Red RibbonTrillium

Sunday July 14 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday July 13 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday July 12 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 7 Camberwell Trillium

Saturday July 6 Camberwell Trillium

Friday July 5 Camberwell Trillium

Sunday June 23th Twinholm Trillium

Saturday June 22th Twinholm Trillium

Friday June 21th Twinholm Trillium

Sunday June 9th Waymark Trillium

Saturday June 8th Waymark Trillium

Friday June 7th Waymark Trillium

Sunday June 2 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday June 1 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday May 31 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday May 26 Meadowlarke Trillium

Saturday May 25 Meadowlarke Trillium

Friday May 24 Meadowlarke Trillium

Sunday May 12 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Saturday May 11 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Friday May 10 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Sunday March 17 Ironhorse Schooling

Sunday March 10 Ironhorse Schooling


Sunday December 16 Ironhorse Schooling

Sunday December 9 Ironhorse Schooling

Sunday December 2 Ironhorse Schooling

Sunday September 30 RCRA Equi Cup Octoberfest

Saturday September 29 RCRA Equi Cup Octoberfest

Wednesday August 29 Cornerstone Hunter/Jumper

Sunday August 26 Ironhorse Trillium

Saturday August 25 Ironhorse Trillium

Friday August 24 Ironhorse Trillium

Thursday August 23 Cornerstone Hunter/Jumper

Sunday August 19 Vanbrooke Trillium

Saturday August 18 Vanbrooke Trillium

Friday August 17 Vanbrooke Trillium

Sunday August 12 Cornerstone Dressage.

Saturday August 11 Cornerstone Dressage.

Friday August 10 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 29 Parish Ridge Trillium

Saturday July 28 Parish Ridge Trillium

Friday July 27 Parish Ridge Trillium

Sunday July 22 Red Ribbon Trillium

Saturday July 21 Red Ribbon Trillium

Friday July 20 Red Ribbon Trillium

Sunday July 15 Cornerstone Dressage.

Saturday July 14 Cornerstone Dressage.

Friday July 13 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 8 Camberwell Trillium

Saturday July 7 Camberwell Trillium

Friday July 6 Camberwell Trillium

Sunday July 1 Cornerstone Premier 2

Saturday June 30 Cornerstone Premier2

Friday June 29 Cornerstone Premier 2

Thursday June 28 Cornerstone Premier 2

Wednesday June 27 Cornerstone Premier 2

Sunday June 24 Cornerstone Premier1

Saturday June 23 Cornerstone Premier1

Friday June 22 Cornerstone Premier1

Thursday June 21 Cornerstone Premier1

Wednesday June 20 Cornerstone Premier1

Sunday June 10th Waymark Trillium

Saturday June 9th Waymark Trillium

Friday June 8th Waymark Trillium

Sunday June 3 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday June 2 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday June 1 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday May 27 Meadowlarke Trillium

Saturday May 26 Meadowlarke Trillium

Friday May 25 Meadowlarke Trillium

Sunday May 13 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Saturday May 12 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Friday May 11 Horseman's Shop Trillium

Sunday April 15 Ironhorse

Saturday April 14 Ironhorse

Friday April 13 Ironhorse

Friday April 6 Ironhorse

Sunday April 1 Ironhorse

Saturday March 31 Ironhorse

Sunday March 18 Ironhorse

Sunday March 4 Ironhorse

Saturday March 3 Ironhorse

Sunday February 19 Ironhorse

Saturday February 4 Ironhorse

Sunday February 5 Ironhorse


Sunday October 2 Octoberfest at RCRA

Saturday October 1 Octoberfest at RCRA

Sunday Aug 28 Zone Classic Palgrave Trillium

Saturday Aug 27 Zone Classic Palgrave Trillium

Friday Aug 26 Zone Classic Palgrave Trillium

Sunday Aug 28 Ironhorse Trillium

Saturday Aug 27 Ironhorse Trillium

Friday Aug 26 Ironhorse Trillium

Sunday Aug 21 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday Aug 20 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday Aug 19 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday Aug 7 Parish Ridge Trillium

Saturday Aug 6 Parish Ridge Trillium

Friday Aug 5 Parish Ridge Trillium

Sunday July 17 Cornerstone Dressage

Saturday July 16 Cornerstone Dressage

Friday July 15 Cornerstone Dressage

Sunday July 10 London Hunt

Saturday July 9 London Hunt

Sunday July 3 Teen Ranch

Sunday June 26 Cornerstone

Saturday June 25 Cornerstone

Friday June 24 Cornerstone

Thursday June 23 Cornerstone

Wednesday June 22 Cornerstone

Sunday June 12 Waymark Trillium

Saturday June 11 Waymark Trillium

Friday June 10 Waymark Trillium

Sunday June 5 Teen Ranch

Friday June 3 Meadowlark Trillium Jumpers

Sunday May 29 Meadowlark Trillium

Saturday May 28 Meadowlark Trillium

Friday May 27 Meadowlark Trillium

Sunday May 22 Heritage Farms Schooling is uploaded

Saturday May 21 Heritage Farms Schooling is uploaded

Sunday May 15 Horseman's Shop Trillium is uploaded

Saturday May 14 Horseman's Shop Trillium is uploaded

Friday May 13 Horseman's Shop Trillium is uploaded

Saturday April 16 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

Friday April 8 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

Saturday April 9 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

Sunday April 10 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded


Sundays Aug 15 Teen Ranch is now up

Sundays Crystalbrooke trillium is up

Saturdays Crystalbrooke trillium is up

Sundays Greystone trillium is up

Saturdays Greystone trillium is up

Sundays Horsemans trillium is up

Saturday May 8 Horsemans Trillium is uploaded

Friday May 7 Horsemans Trillium is uploaded

Saturday April 17 Jump into spring is uploaded

Friday April 9 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

Saturday April 10 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

Sunday April 11 JD Jump into Spring is uploaded

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